GORI Foundation has its primary focus to change the education system; after many of successful events in schools and institutes, we are happy to announce our free education start-up. Computer and other basic educations have always been priority of GORI Foundations.

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Health & Medical Facilities


Arranging health awareness camps and medical camps for poor people is also a work of the society. We are working on this part regularly and successfully.




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Small Scale Employment


Our organisation has a thought that without small scale it is impossible to develop the country and maintain equality. That is why, we are planning to develop an industry which will based on small scale businesses.


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GORI Foundations

GORI Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization working to make this society better with its efforts mainly in education, health & services, agriculture, small scale business, and many more. We believe that a combined effort can make this society a better place to live.


Founder: "We all have a responsibility towards the society, everyone needs to do his/her part as per his capacity."

Chairman: Do good and good will happen to you. It's all Karma.

General Manager: I believe in equality and GORI Foundations work for it.



GORI stands for Genesis of Real Intellect; real education is believing in yourself and doing good deeds. With skill knowledge and learning the skills to produce something new will help to make education system strong.