You might have some questions in your mind; we are happy to answer those. Following are the some of queries asked by visitors.

What can we do to change this education system?

Changing an education system is not so easy, we all need to understand the needs of current society and then haveĀ  to find a way to make people feel what they are missing and how the new education system will help them. Governments should also work on it and help people who are already working in this field. With our combine efforts, it will be possible to remove flaws in the system and surprisingly the system will change automatically.

Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, we always welcome volunteers to work with us. Just you need to contact the branch or call or email given on the contact page to get in touch for further process.

What is the main source of funds? How can I donate to the organization?

We do not have too many donors at the moment. The income comes from founder itself from his personal donations; you are welcome to donate at the branch or we are planning to put an online donation link as well, but it can take time. For now, you need to contact via email for further donations process.