General English

General English is the course for the students who want to develop their Basic English skills with English grammar and basic pronunciation development. This course provides confidence to speak and understand English in general scenarios.

Advance English (Speaking and writing)

If the candidate is confident enough with his grammar and other basic skills, but have problems with Spoken English fluency, we recommend him/her our advance English course for spoken and written English.

Academic writing for Research and PhD Candidates

Writing Thesis and content for research is a big challenge, especially when plagiarism is the obstacle. We teach you the best way of controlling the plagiarism and write the content without any trouble.

IELTS Academic (Tips and skills)

Unlike other institutes in the market, who give you material to do the practice only; we offer you 100s of tips which can make you confident enough to crack the exam easily without any trouble and you will surely feel a difference in your capabilities after having this crash course.


Free computers for selected scholorship candidates

We provide scholarship to school candidates for computer programs within the institute. Scholarship is provided by GORI Foundations. Please contact the office for more information.

One on One study programs

We can arrange one on one study programs for the candidates who need special classes. Extra charges according to the course will be charged for these classes.


Contact for admission

Please call on the given contact number to register for the next batch.

Mobile: 7310882345

Whatsapp: +61403866988